Hands-on Photography Workshop

This workshop is designed by one of the most successful professional photographers in the world - Yervant

Monday 2nd to Thursday 5th October 2023

Venice - Italy

Enamoured by Venice

Sometimes it feels like a dream coming here. That is, until you snap out of it, and realize that this place is actually yours to explore.

This small group workshop will be divided into two parts: One part will be dedicated to improving your photography skills while capturing some of the most romantic shots in Italy while the other will be dedicated to exploring some of the newest technologies in photography.

Take your skills to new levels in all aspects of Photography and a short introduction to Cinematography.


Classes will be held at the exquisite Palazzo Ca Zenobio then live shoot 2 days in picturesque Venice

Palazzo Ca Zenobio is an iconic Baroque palace in Venice that served as the Armenian College where Yervant spent many years to live and study.

The workshop will cover the theoretical and practical aspects of photography PLUS a short introduction to 4K videography. 

4-day workshop for photographers of all levels

Yervant will help you master your camera, understand posing and lighting, capture stunning images, and build a portfolio that will get you noticed.

Explore Venice with Yervant & Anie

Venice is renowned for being one of the world’s best locations for fashion photography. 

You’ll be given access to professional models in an exquisite array of high fashion gowns by AnieZ during the two days’ of live shoot to experiment different styles of photography.

Yervant will be teaching different styles of photography during the two days’ live shoot. You will learn how to go beyond conventional methods and find your own unique approach and stand out from your competitors.

The workshop consists of –

2 days  live shoot with professional models in a variety of exciting garments and looks 
2 days  in-class theory.

€ 3200
Payment plan –   Booking retainer € 800 then monthly payment of €300
* Please note, although we have implemented an easy payment plan for monthly instalments, full payment MUST be    received 1 month prior to workshop start date.

* Booking retainer is strictly non refundable.
* Booking & Fees are not transferable to any other workshop.
* Workshop cancellation by Yervant guarantees a full refund of all payments received.
* Yervant reserves the right to alter the program content, venue, or timetable if deemed necessary.
* Yervant is not responsible or liable for any loss, damage, or debt that arises by booking, traveling, attending, or   cancelling your participation of the workshop.

You are strongly encouraged  to purchase travel and camera gear insurance before attending the workshop.

* You need to arrange your own airfare, transfers, accommodation and meals.
* You will receive all necessary information about the workshop, arrival in Venice, accommodation recommendations and other important details once we receive your booking retainer.



Any questions or for further information
please contact Anie


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